Sunshine Coast artist Trey Cooper feels more comfortable writing songs about loss, unattainable happiness and darkness.   

At just 19, he could be forgiven for churning out tunes that shout about sex, drugs and 'insta', but he's drawn towards ideas of emptiness.

His first single 'Embrace' was a beautiful bitter sweet soul song exploring the gnawing feeling we experience when that one person we desire is constantly beyond our grasp. It reached number 5 in the Unearthed chart and gained some fans in the music press;

Trey Cooper is an exciting find for anyone after a mellow yet complex sound. With light handed production and beautifully vulnerable lyricism, here is an artist who will undoubtably make waves.
There’s nothing quite like seeing a fresh face in the music industry. Someone who brings dramatics without it becoming condescending. Someone who is sensual without it feeling overbearing. That’s where 19-year-old Trey Cooper comes in.

'The Light Behind Your Eyes' was 'soft released' in June. Not a proper media release, just something beautiful/painful that Trey needed to get off his chest with the help of the good people at Triple J Unearthed who playlisted the song.

Trey's next full media/commercial release is ‘Howling’ ( a wholesome pop song with a dark heart).

Accompanied by a live video the song will be commercially available on Friday August 17th with a four track EP to follow in October.

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